Mouthwatering food trip!

Where have you been? sorry. been busy these days. Anyway, back to the FOOD!

chocolate cake

chocolate cake

banana cake

banana cake

I dont know what this food is called but i think its

called banana cake and Chocolate cake? just a guess.

It looks tempting. At the moment the banana cake entered my mouth. It is tasty, taste like bananas! 🙂

The bread is soft,chewy.I almost forgot! it has blueberries. Sparks fly after i tasted it, and i opted for more.

Second, the chocolate cake/bread? whatever. it taste chocolatey! chewy and oozing with chocolate filling.

I looovee these! you must try it.

Crispy kreme glazed donut

I personally like the crispy kreme donut.

The donut smells great, not so sweet, delicious!

vegetable burrito with rice

Yesteday, i attended a seminar held in Smx near Mall of asia. My friends and classmates were so super mega hungry! yeah super.

So we walked and reached the greatest and biggest Mall of Asia here in the Philippines. Man it is so huge. People everywhere.

Anyway we ate in the food court (variety of foods and you get to order and eat togetha’!) so my stomach was protesting for one thing (FOOD!) i bought vegetable burrito with rice and iced tea. The first thing that cam into my mind was, is this delicious?

so i ate it. I tasted.. It was cheesy,creamy and the vegetable and rice blended well. There i was, satisfied and full. I can eat it everyday if i know how to cook it. Anyone who likes burrito? comment

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