Best restaurants for family dinner,gathering (in my opinion)

1) Max’s restaurant They offer great variety of food from main course to desserts, drinks.

Ambiance: The place is elegant, the lights are usually yellow, it gives you the feeling of exclusivity.

Food: You must try their Max’s roasted chicken! It is juicy,crunchy and not oily. It has a certain taste that keeps you coming back for more. I dont know what it is but its DELICIOUS! 🙂 the last time i checked, they added a menu for vegetarians. Food for health conscious people! 🙂

Price: the price is right for the food.

2)Pizza Hut


Pizza hut is a pizza house. hahaha. The pizza is great! if you love pizza with meat,cheese,thin crust,oozing filling,and they also have great food like spaghetti,lasagna,vegetable salad(which i personally love) etc.

Ambiance: the restaurant is pretty big, the table looks inviting, the seats are comfy too.

Food: the great thing about food is whatever you order smells delightful and would make your stomach growl.seriously!

price: the price is quite expensive for some but c’mon its a restaurant with great food. You get what you pay for 🙂 they have a menu called “super panalo”  you can choose an appetizer,main course and a drink for only 99 pesos! great!

3) Savory


Well,hey hey hey! all i can say is if you want to taste heaven. Eat here.

Their roasted chicken is crispy,juicy,smells good,some herbs and spices and it has some certain “YEAH” that your tongue can taste HEAVEN!

What do you think? What are your favorite restaurants to dine in?


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